A dance single that explores mental health struggles.

Nashville-based musical creative, Id/Ego, is an emerging independent producer and artist who stands out in the mental advocacy crowd. In his work, the independent artist doesn’t limit himself to one particular genre; he instead produces “a wide range of beats with many different styles and feels.” ID/Ego’s discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. His latest creation is the dance single “DIE WITH YOU.”

By starting out with an intriguing blend of electrifying elements, we think that this song is going to be intense. Of course, it is, but not in the way you think. “DIE WITH YOU” quickly builds up into a sonic soundscape of dance-ready beats. Lyrics like “I spent my life wishing I could die / Now I want to grow old and die with you” and “I spent my life wanting it all to end / But it’s all worth it in the end” explore mental health struggles while ultimately offering up an inspirational message of hope. With a fantastical fusion of infectious tones and expressive, moody moments, Id/Ego gifts us with a mesmerizing electronic single that feels like an uplifting escape from reality. So, press play and get a taste of the rising artist’s unique style as he prepares to “DIE WITH YOU.”

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