Brutally Honest


A pop gem full of unapologetic truths.

Ireland-based musical creative, NEVE, is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter. With a love for the spotlight, this artist has dreamed of singing on a big stage since she was little. Through her songs, NEVE hopes to help her listeners connect with “some of your own emotions that you couldn’t quite articulate yet, or just make you feel like a bad b****.” Her powerful discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. NEVE’s latest drop is the pop single “Brutally Honest.”

We said empowering, and we can add ‘uplifting’ into the hodgepodge of words to describe this song. “Brutally Honest” provides an upbeat soundscape to lift us up while remaining emotional enough to keep us grounded. Lyrics like “Does the bad guy get what he deserved? No / Time really heal all the hurt” and “Do we ever delete all the texts? No / Fall outta love with that ex, no / Do we ever really wish them the best? No” hear the artist offer up some unapologetic truths about relationship struggles. It’s clear that there’s no other answer than to be the best person you can be as an act of revenge. With ear-pleasing guitar moments and plenty of passion, this pop gem is guaranteed to be your next listening obsession.

Press play on “Brutally Honest” below.

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