South North Southwest Loves "CREAM"


South North Southwest

A song that serves as a money-making anthem.

South North Southwest is a jazz and blues artist. As a singer, she makes the kind of music that she herself would want to listen to. Her favorite genres include neo-soul, jazz blues, and soul. Southwest has a dark and sultry voice that’s hypnotic and comparable to artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele. Her debut single, “Hijacker’s Revenge,” was released this year in June. Since then, she’s followed that up with two singles and an EP. All of this music is available on Spotify and Apple Music. SNS’s latest song is off her new album What Love Could Do. Its title gives a nod to Wu-Tang Clan. 

This is a fun and lighthearted approach to money-making. With soulful and blues-like vocals, you will instantly be put in a bright mood. The lyrics are catchy and far from boring with witty lines about getting dough. Southwest makes it very clear she’s all about her money, and I think we all can agree on that. She’s so hungry for cash that she admits it might have caused her some problems in relationships. Still, that hunger and drive are what help her to get the green. With all the holiday shopping, your pockets may be drained, but listening to “CREAM” can help manifest a whole pot of gold. So, stream South North Southwest’s “Cream” for some money-making motivation.

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