Easter Fit

Yung Booke (Ft. Future)

This song definitely doesn’t sound like church music.

Do you know who has had a fantastic 2022? Future. This year, he dropped a Grammy-nominated album, dropped one of the hottest hip-hop singles of the year (“Wait For You”), and was featured on Metro Boomin’s huge Heroes & Villians album. While Future didn’t decide to close out his 2022 with a new single, he did make an outstanding appearance on Yung Booke’s new single titled “Easter Fit.”

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There’s no other way to slice it: You get beast mode Future in “Easter Fit.” The song, which is powered by this bass-booming trap beat, features a classic performance by Future that is catchy, trill, and savage as hell. Even Yung Booke kills his part.

I may need DS3 in my life sooner than later.