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It’s Just Al Makes Great “First Impressions”

It's Just Al Has Some Good "First Impressions"

First Impressions

It’s Just AI

A pop track all about a romantic spark.

Ariel Montano, better known as It’s Just Al, is a new artist on the scene. He’s not only a fantastic singer, but he’s also a pretty solid rapper. Al’s discography is currently limited, but as his new releases come out, they’re expected to be on streaming services (As of right now, we’ll have to take It’s Just Al’s word for it that his music will stay great). It’s Just Al’s debut single is “First Impressions.” In it, he fiercely makes his entrance as an artist.

“First Impressions” has a charming and romantic feel. A mix of pop and hip-hop elements creates a sound worth vibing to. With his incredible rap verse and rich singing vocals, he shows he’s a master of both sets. As for lyrically, while listening to the song, you’ll find it clear that Al has been blown away by a new romance. This love has left him going on a trip and it’s one he hopes never ends. Lyrics like “I’m waiting for the moment when I can go to sleep and be with you in my dreams” expose just how strong his feelings have become. It’s Just Al shows us that romantic sparks are still alive and well in a way that keeps listeners on their toes. So, stream It’s Just Al’s “First Impressions” to hear a song all about powerful romantic encounters. 

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