Mykonos Flow

Kid Ink

Kid Ink is back and shiftier than ever!

Don’t stick a fork in Kid Ink just yet. The California rapper might not be one of the biggest names in the game anymore, but it seems like he’s still very interested in making hip-hop bangers. Today, Ink returned to the music scene with a new track called “Mykonos Flow.”

One thing that I like about Kid Ink is that he is a very sly individual. He usually raps with a slick flow and/or a smooth melody in his songs. In “Mykonos Flow,” you get a very sly Ink. Over a shimmery beat that will definitely get a club jumping, he hits us with braggadocios lyrics that complement his infectious melodies and sturdy flows really well. The level of swag that Ink raps with will make you think that he is a modern-day Eddie Winslow.

Give “Mykonos Flow” by Kid Ink a shot below.

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