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Gungor Releases “We Bow”

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We Bow

Gungor (Ft. Isa Ma & Astyn Turr)

In December 2022, the Grammy-nominated musical collective Gungor released their latest single, “We bow.”

For those who don’t know, Gungor is a spiritual music group from the USA, founded by Michael and Lisa Gungor. They have been active since 2010, when they released their first album, “Beautiful Things. ” Since then, the band has received recognition from USA Today, NPR, and other journals and reached millions of downloads of their materials.

The song “We Bow “is their latest single. With a hearty Christmas note, this song tells a gentle and glorious story about the birth of Jesus Christ. The beauty of the music comes from its simplicity and pleasing build-up. It starts with gentle acoustic notes followed by the beautiful vocal duo of Michael and Lisa. From this, the song becomes a harmonious musical journey accompanied by episodes of violins and gentle piano notes, all building up slowly, creating a warm and heartwarming atmosphere, peaking with an atmospheric synth chorus. Music like this will lead you to a relaxed state of mind, making you feel the divine moment of this glorious event it describes

The main light motive of the song is the bowing to the divine and the worship of the King that has taken a human form, thereby becoming a God among us. This motive is felt through each verse of the song. The act of bowing reminds us of the need to be modest and humble and to realize that we are a part of something bigger than us. By bowing and worshipping the King, we acknowledge His love for us. By listening to this song, this is the very emotion we felt: a simple, subtle but glorious and beautiful melody that captures its message – to bow and cherish the love of God. A great way to run away from the materialistic world and secular (mis)understanding of Christmas time.

In these Christmas times, this world filled with stress, anxiety, and rush needs nothing more than to stop for a second and remember what Christmas is all about. Gungor has achieved this goal with their song and delivered a single that captures its purpose. The purpose is to bow to love. 

If you want to feel this moment for yourself, we highly recommend you give “We Bow “a try. We are sure this song will bring new light to these times of celebration.


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