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Trench Baby & Polo G Unite For “Done It All Freestyle”

IMG via Spotify

Done It All Freestyle

Trench Baby (Ft. Polo G)

R.I.P. Shawty Lo.

It’s hard to believe that “Dunn Dunn” by Shawty Lo came out 15 years ago. To put things into perspective, Polo G probably heard the song for the first time when he was only eight years old. With that being said, I do appreciate the fact that Polo and up-and-coming rapper Trench Baby decided to pay homage to “Dunn Dunn” by rapping over a flipped version of the song’s beat in “Done It All Freestyle.”

You don’t get Piano G on this song, you get Killer G. If I were to guess, Polo was in the middle of roughing up a bunch of hoodlums during the making of his verse. Trench Baby follows Polo’s lone verse with a verse of his own that is on some ape s**t. All in all, you get pure in “Done It All Freestyle.”

Give “Done It All Freestyle” by Trench Baby and Polo G a shot below.

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