Kitty Pow Pow

Hollywood Apocalypse

The purrfect punk rock single for cat lovers.

Music group, Hollywood Apocalypse, is a punk rock-infused band that crafts tunes as surprising as their band name. The group is considered to be a “modernized version of Holly’s Sunset Strip sound in the 1980s” with a unique alternative rock style. Hollywood Apocalypse combines “crunchy rhythmic guitars with smooth high tension guitar riffs and just the right amount of bubblegum pop.” Some of their previous work includes tracks like “They,” “Dreaming of You,” and “Rain in La.” Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Hollywood Apocalypse’s latest drop is the punk single “Kitty Pow Pow.” The song also has an accompanying official visualizer.

An uplifting background of high-energy instrumentals gives the energy you think of when you hear this song’s title. “Kitty Pow Pow” provides a dance-ready backdrop to get you grooving along to its feel-good feline-focused exploration. Lyrics like “Kitty’s stuck in bed / Too much catnip in the head / But there’s people out there to scratch / And many birds to catch” and “Kitty’s gotta feel the heat / N move those paws to the beat” offer up plenty of silly sweetness. At the same time, it makes us feel like we’re just as powerful as this pow pow kitty in the world. With its ear-pleasing rock n’ roll style and no shortage of cute declarations, this lighthearted listen is sure to appeal to any cat lover. So, press play on Hollywood Apocalypse and rock out with “Kitty Pow Pow.”

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