Limon Limon Is On An Emotional "Roller Coaster"

Roller Coaster

Limon Limon

An indie-pop song that shows reality bites.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Limon Limon is an ‘Indie Future’ duo. With members Jason on vocals, guitar, and bass, and Rand on keys, synth, and drums, they create timeless music for people all over the world to enjoy. This pair takes inspiration from classic pop, alternative rock, and electronic. The year 2022 was big for Limon Limon with the release of six singles, and there is still more music to come in 2023. Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Limon Limon’s newest single, “Roller Coaster,” makes a depressing topic briefly fun to listen to. 

With a cheery but mellow sound that will certainly entrance you, Limon Limon takes us on an emotion-filled ride. It’s not moving, but it still seems to age and drain you. It’s safe to say Limon Limon is clearly not having the best of times on this “Roller Coaster.” However, they’re able to deliver a song that’s magical with a dreamy yet psych-pop essence. Lyrics like “Getting sick and tired living in a loop” and “We’re just getting older but never moving forward” delve into the experience of being in a slump-like state. In the nicest way possible, they tell us that some days just downright suck. While everyone else is having fun, you may not feel the same. At least, though, you have a song that perfectly describes your mood. So, stream Limon Limon’s “Roller Coaster” for a song that helps you through bad days.