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Who’s cutting onions in the trap?

On the real, I haven’t fully processed Takeoff’s death. I just feel like it happened so abruptly, randomly, and unnecessarily. The way I feel probably doesn’t compare to how those who were close to Takeoff feel. With that being said, Quavo decided to release “WITHOUT YOU,” a track that pays homage to his fallen nephew.

In “WITHOUT YOU,” Quavo mainly sings about his come-up with Takeoff and how his untimely death has had an impact on him. What I find astonishing about the song is that you can practically hear the pain in Quavo’s voice throughout despite it having a nice tempo and some infectious moments. All in all, listening to this track both broke my heart and made me feel a little happier for Quavo.

Give “WITHOUT YOU” by Quavo a shot below.

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