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Shann Hitch Comes “Out In The Wash”

Out In The Wash

Shann Hitch

An R&B tune that explores the after-effects of a one-sided romance.

NYC-based creative, Shann Hitch, is a model and musician who takes her jobs seriously. Recently, Hitch released her debut song. In response to it, she said, “Doing something a little vulnerable for my birthday this year. Those that know me personally know I’ve always dabbled very loosely with music in the background of my life; as something I enjoyed just for me.” She later added, “This is only the beginning and I’m so excited to grow as a writer and a vocalist.” Her discography is available on Spotify. Shann Hitch’s first hit, her debut song, is titled “Out In The Wash.”

It’s soothing enough to have us feeling relaxed and soulful enough to have us feeling emotional. The backdrop of uplifting beats helps provide the perfect enchanting soundscape for a message about a former flame. Lyrics like “Don’t think you know what love is / Just drained my energy” and “Ya spin me right round / I Tried so hard / Just couldn’t work it out” reminisces on the painful effects of a one-sided romance. At the same time, it leaves us wondering what kind of heartbreak Hitch had to go through to make this kind of track. We’re certain she isn’t going to get hitched anytime soon. These powerful moments give an honest look at heartbreak and how to move on from a former love. So, press play below to experience the ache of a toxic relationship with “Out In The Wash.”

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