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Gringo the MC And JZAC Will “Rock The Boat”

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Rock the Boat

Gringo the MC

A fresh rap track that’s way too real.

Based in Houston, Texas, Gringo the MC is a rapper, producer, and songwriter. What you will love about him is that he creates melodies that are catchy and lyrics that anyone can relate to. Gringo’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. “Rock The Boat” is one of his latest singles. The song features JZAC and has an accompanying unofficial, fan-made music video.

“Rock the Boat” has a stellar beat that will immediately catch your attention. With a fresh, fun vibe that feels like summer, it’s sure to warm you up during this freezing winter. Gringo the MC enters the track spitting “Nobody likes you when you’re broke / who gon like you when you’re rich though?,” sentiments that are all too true for anyone making a come-up. He, however, decides to take a chill approach to all of the vultures and clout chasers out there by not tripping over them. Overall, the two rappers show they’re not afraid to cause disruption or “Rock the Boat.” So, press play below to listen to a song with a message that’s real, warm, and authentic.

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