Jake Adler

An infectious pop gem that is all about having a “super” alter ego.

Philadelphia native, Jake Adler, is a pop singer and songwriter. Jake has truly grown as an artist since his debut on the music scene. His work has done well in the public eye, contributing to his great success. While Adler initially gained recognition under the stage name Adler XCVI, he’s since gone on to earn more than 3 million streams across popular platforms. In rebranding himself with a new moniker, Jake Adler has “re-discovered himself and his sound.” Some of Jake’s biggest hits include pop tunes “Smile” and “Effortlessly.” His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and his own website. Jake’s latest drop is his debut album, 26, which features the track “Superhero.”

“Superhero” is as infectious as any other Adler creation. In the song, he imagines the ability to be the superhero that many people see on a daily basis. This song will hit hard for anyone who wishes they were doing something more noticeable with their lives. Lyrics like “Most people see what they want to see / Just a guy in his shirt and tie doing average things” and “Bet you didn’t know that I could fly / I can right a wrong and save a life” hear the artist reflect on masking his alter ego. We’re left with the ideals of being heroes in our own world. Still, an 80s-inspired backdrop and plenty of positive vibes make this a pop gem you’ll listen to on repeat. So, press play below to soar into the sky to be your own “Superhero.

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