Kira Puru Wants You To Sit and "Talk To Me"

Talk With Me

Kira Puru

I related too much to this modern disco song.

Australian singer-songwriter, Kira Puru, is a gender-fluid artist that uses her sleek, rebellious style to craft the pop perfection our generation needs. In 2017, she dropped her first single, “All Dulled Out,” on Soundcloud. That same year, she released “Tension” and “Three Dots” featuring Yeo. Kira dropped her first EP in 2018, along with another single, “Everything Is Better Without You,” in 2019. These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and her own website. After a two-year hiatus, Kira Puru has returned with her latest single, “Talk with Me.” The song also comes with an accompanying visualizer.

“Talk With Me” is an anthem for the daydreamers who fantasize about their crushes and yearn for the courage to talk to them. Throughout the song, Kira confesses her undying love for her crush and sings how she would do literally anything just for them to notice her. With its laidback, modern pop sound that has hints of funky vibes, this song makes angst feel so good. So, stream Kira Puru’s “Talk With Me” if you want to have zero shame on the dance floor.

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