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Popcaan & Drake Reunite For “We Caa Done”

We Caa Done

Popcaan & Drake

I would love for Drake to do one of those “23 & Me” tests.

Seriously, Drake’s ability to morph into everything from a Nigerian to an American to a Jamaican to a Londoner is hella impressive. Jamaican artist, Popcaan, decided to call on the multi-cultural Canadian for “We Caa Done.”

Remember the good ole days when Drake hooks were worth literally millions of dollars? Well, that’s the kind of hook that he gifted Popcaan up with. In “We Caa Done,” you get an infectious hook by Drake that expertly straddles the line between gangsta-sounding and motivational. As for Popcaan, he compliments Drake’s hook with verses that feel vibrant and slightly braggadocios. Overall, I think this is a very good collaboration track.

Can someone translate “We Caa Done” for me? I sadly don’t know what that means…

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