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Queen Naija Viciously Calls Someone Out In “Let’s Talk About It

IMG via Spotify

Let’s Talk About It

Queen Naija

If the word “oop” was a song…

You are guaranteed three things in life: Death, taxes, and Queen Naija tracks in which she complains about someone doing her wrong. I love it when she’s an open book in her songs, though. Matter of fact, someone inject her music into my veins! Naija’s latest single, “Let’s Talk About It,” is messy as hell.

I listened to “Let’s Talk About It” with both ears (Oh s**t). In the song, Queen Naija calls out her man for being a deadbeat dad, a cheater, a know-it-all, a therapy dodger, and an excessive flosser. Besides the song’s juicy lyrics, I also love how powerful Naija’s words come out. She truly takes her time delivering her every thought. Overall, “Let’s Talk About It” is a vintage R&B diss record that deserves a Ron Isley response.

I wonder what Naija thinks about her man’s farts. That will probably be the one thing that puts her fully over the top.

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