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It’s Officially Done


“It’s Officially Done” samples 112’s “It’s Over Now.”

I swear on everything, I just heard “It’s Over Now” by 112 earlier today. My iTunes library knows when s**t is on the verge of getting sampled. Anywho, in J.I.’s latest release, “It’s Officially Done,” he doesn’t quite emulate 112, but he does drop bars over a slightly altered version of the “It’s Over Now” beat.

In “It’s Officially Done,” J.I. tells us the rules that any woman he is involved with has to follow. Throughout the song, he switches between sounding like a playa and sounding a little on the emotional side. It’s almost like the beat’s many moods had an impact on his overall approach. Whatever the case may be, I think this song is a certified hit.

J.I. needs to hurry up and takeover the game.

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