Know Self (Ft. Jackson Whalan)

A hip-hop tune that encourages us to keep going.

Know Self is an artist in every meaning of the word. This means that no one definition can explain his approach to making music. Self’s songs are created with “intent, purpose, and devotion for the greater cause of healing, awareness, and expansion.” When it comes to his sound, he “embodies a variety of styles that encompass the nostalgic 90s hip-hop sound with a conscious heart-centered approach.” Some of his previous releases include tracks “Conscious Thought” and “The Healing.” These, and more, are available on Spotify. Know Self’s latest drop is the album R.I.P. (Replenishing Inspiration Proper). The project contains the song “FOURWORDS.”

This hit is as infectious as it is soulful. It’s all about looking up and realizing what you can do. Lyrics like “If you feel a little low, know that life is ebbs and flows / It’s the way we grow” and “Anything is possible through obstacles / Whether we hit or we miss / Tears shed / So life is solvable through water solubles” examine life lessons as well as the relatable mental health struggles that can weigh us down. At the same time, the song is powerful enough to make us think twice about our next moves. Know Self and Jackson Whalan have created a hip-hop track that’s truly inspirational to anyone needing a lift. So, press play below and experience the power of “FOURWORDS.”