Crash & Burn


Sokin is too talented for his own good.

Sokin is a multi-talented artist from Rhode Island. Even though he comes from one of the smallest states in America, he does it big anytime he hops on the mic. What I think people will love about Sokin is that he is a pro at creating highly infectious melodies and impactful raps. One of Sokin’s latest singles is the incredibly hypnotizing “Crash & Burn.”

“Crash & Burn” is mainly about learning from your mistakes and striving for greatness. The song boasts this tranquilizing instrumental that pairs perfectly with Sokin’s sly delivery and intoxicating melodies. As for lyrically, you’ll love how Sokin’s words present him as an honest, confident, and positive individual. All in all, “Crash Burn” is a must-listen.

Give “Crash & Burn” a shot below.

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