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Calista Del Toro Says “You’re More”

You’re More

Calista Del Toro

A fiery pop tune about an unforgettable romance.

South El Monte, California-based musical creative, Calista Del Toro, is a singer and songwriter who started singing when she was only four years old. Del Toro began to play the guitar and write her own songs when she was 15. In 2015, Del Toro founded a band with a group of her friends. Though the group saw plenty of success with their music, in 2018, she decided to continue her musical journey as a solo artist. Del Toro has since become well-recognized for her “laid-back, soulful pop sound.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. One of Calistra Del Toro’s recent releases is the pop single “You’re More.” The song also has an accompanying live performance video.

The acoustic version of this song boasts raw passion. The pop version of “You’re More” offers a mood-boosting fusion of fiery, dance-ready beats. Lyrics like “I’ve imagined what real love looks like / Played it out a thousand times” and “What you do to me is so unreal / I thought I felt all I could feel / But you’re more and now I’m all yours” exude plenty of warmth as the artist reminisces on the powerful emotions that come with true love. It’s the feeling of falling in love for the first time wrapped up in a gorgeous bilingual song. So, press play below to get swept up in the passion of “You’re More.”

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