Amusement Parks

Emmy Jo

Emmy Jo has a voice that can move mountains.

Emmy Jo is a singer, songwriter, and self-proclaimed “soul enthusiast.” What this means is that she’s a fan of creating music that isn’t quite under the soul genre, but that resonates with the souls of her audience. With her captivating songs, Jo has won the hearts of many listeners across the country. Some of her previous tracks include “yellow year,” “Blinders,” and “Is That Enough.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of Emmy Jo’s recent drops is the pop single, “Amusement Parks.”

“Amusement Parks” quickly builds itself up into an upbeat and infectious soundscape that takes romance to another level. It’s the kind of carefree love that we all want in our lives, but the metaphor of love is equal to the horror of some rollercoaster rides. Lyrics like “They say you have to be a certain height to ride the rides / Well, I took that with a grain of salt, stood on my tippy toes and held my chin up high” and “It was all fun and games till I felt the pain of loving you” intimately reflect on the ups and downs of falling in love. Overall, “Amusement Parks” is an intimate track that doesn’t lack in thrills.