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Hustle, Repeat

Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss

Does Generation Z understand how big a Swizz Beatz and Jadakiss collab is?

I truly believe that Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz’s time as Ruff Ryders helped change the rap game forever. While the two artists have gone on to have successful solo careers, they haven’t really crossed paths musically these past couple of years. On Friday, Jada and Swizz decided to drop a new collaboration track called “Hustle, Repeat.”

“Hustle, Repeat” is both tough as hell and riveting as f**k. For starters, the song features a hard-hitting beat that has all kinds of dramatic elements attached to it. Over the beat, Jadakiss aggressively calls out fake rappers, his weak competition, and those that hustle backward. Though I think that Kiss’ verses are the best thing about the song, it’s his repetitive hook that will catch folks’ attention.

The only person in the world that doesn’t hustle is James Harden.

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