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A$AP Rocky Returns With “Same Problems?”

IMG via Spotify

Same Problems?

A$AP Rocky

Unfortunately, “Same Problems?” sounds nothing like “F**king Problems.”

A$AP Rocky is a helluva rapper, but I love that he doesn’t rely on his rapping skills all of the time. Matter of fact, even though I hated Testing, I applaud the Harlem rapper for experimenting throughout the project. Today, A$AP decided to return to the music scene with “Same Problems,” a somber track where he gets his Kid Cudi on.

I’ll keep it blunt with you: There’s nothing exciting, upbeat, or Ice Spice-ish about “Same Problems?” The song features a drowsy vocal performance by Rocky, stripped-down production, and numbing background vocals from Miguel and Lil Yachty (Yes, they are both featured on this song). Content-wise, A$AP speaks his mind fearlessly. Lyrics such as “Stand by a n***a, wrong or right / Not new to drama, n***a, all my life / Not new to trauma, n***a, all my life (Ooh) / Been duckin’ karma, n***a, all my life” highlight his familiarity with trials and tribulations. While you may not get the hardest raps from A$AP in this soothing banger, his words do hit pretty hard

It’s stunning how troubled folks are these days.

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