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KingLung & Ty Dolla $ign Unite For “Adore”


KingLung (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Jag)

You get nothing but honest words out of KingLung, Ty Dolla $ign, and Jag in “Adore.”

How can anyone hate on KingLung? Not only does he have an outstanding name (He calls himself KingLung because he “inspires to breathe life into the collective of music”), but you have to appreciate how he spills his heart out in his music. Though KL’s catalog only starts in 2021, he sounds like a complete veteran on the mic. KingLung’s latest release, “Adore,” might be his best song to date.

In “Adore,” KingLung, Jag, and Ty Dolla $ign let their respective chicks know that they are down for them and would rather be with no one else. What I absolutely love about the song is that it mainly features two different sounds: An extremely raw/unfiltered sound courtesy of KingLung and Jag, and a dramatic/soulful sound courtesy of Ty Dolla $ign. The combination of the two sounds makes for a very powerful listen.

Give “Adore” by KingLung a shot below.

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