On My Way

Double A.B. & Git Beats

Old-school rap music at its finest.

On the mic, New York City rapper, Double A.B., is him. His rap verses typically hit harder than prime Mike Tyson and boast wise lyrics, astute wordplay, and clever punchlines. Last year, Double A.B. released his first album in ten years, Devils & Drugs. If you want to have a great hip-hop experience, I highly recommend that you press play on the project. In the meantime, I recommend that you press play on Double A.B.’s latest single, “On My Way.”

First and foremost, kudos must go to Git Beats. The cold-ass beat he hooks Double A.B. up with on “On My Way” is absolutely fantastic. If you call yourself a true spitter, there is no way you can walk away from it not wanting to drop some bars. Thankfully, Double A.B. absolutely shines over the beat. Not only does he hit us with some of the strongest flows I’ve heard in a while, but he also drops vivid bars about the music that inspired him and the winning mentality that he has developed throughout the years. Overall, I think “On The Way” is a very empowering and vintage-sounding rap track.

Give “On My Way” by Double A.B. and Git Beats a shot below.