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J. Cole

J. Cole might be the realest rapper we have ever seen.

How many times have y’all shot your shot in the past year? Most of us shoot our shots at thick chicks on IG but fail successfully. Well, a YouTube producer shot his shot with J. Cole and actually got a response!

Bvtman is a producer that has been grinding his ass off for years now, making “type” beats that are, quite frankly, very damn good. Cole took notice of his work and hopped on one of his beats; the outcome was “Procrastination.”

“Procrastination” boasts the exact kind of beat I want to hear J. Cole rap over; one that is smooth as hell and old-school-sounding. Thankfully, the North Carolina rapper doesn’t give Bvtman a mailed-in performance at all; instead, he hits us with inspired raps that let us know how many songs he has stashed away and how thankful he is for his success. Though Cole’s tone sounds pretty dull in the song, the flows that he toys with are next-level good.

J. Cole’s inbox is about to look like SubmitHub after this.

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