Can’t Pretend

DJ HMD & Emmitt Dupree

A breakup tune that explores red flags in relationships.

Arizona-based musical creative, Emmitt Dupree, is a hip-hop artist who often enjoys the softer sides of the music genres. Dupree’s self-coined “Blues Rap” style combines heartfelt lyrics with “soulful production and hard-hitting, rhythmic drums.” When it comes to his music, the artist “prides himself on his versatility” and focuses on creating high-quality tunes. While it seems like he’s solely a hip-hop artist, Dupree has experience in many different tones and tunes. His creative discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he teamed up with hip-hop DJ and music producer DJ HMD, a musical creative originally from Portland, Oregon. DJ HMD’s unique style shows off “a strong west coast sound and influence.” Together, Emmitt Dupree and DJ HMD collaborated to create the R&B fusion single “Can’t Pretend.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

This emotional breakup tale is sad enough to have everyone reconsidering whether a toxic relationship is better than loneliness, but the song answers that question for you. It claims that, even though you may love someone, the relationship can’t thrive for either of you if there are too many flags. Lyrics like “Nowhere to find you, Whenever it’s no fun, When it’s said and done, Girl all you know is run” and “Heart through the floor, When it broke, F*** it, it went through, All in your lies, in your love and in your lens” reflects on painful relationship woes. The song itself is soft and slow, a gentle approach to a difficult topic in a piece afraid of breaking bad news to listeners. The stunning visuals help this well-crafted R&B fusion offer an extremely vulnerable message. So, press play below to hear why these artists “Can’t Pretend.”

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