Ni/Co Wants To Know "what it (do do do)"

what it (do do do)


An infectious pop track that is all about taking the high road.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ni/Co is a pop duo composed of Dani and Colton. Originally from Atlanta, Dani worked as a skilled singer recording music for prominent industry professionals, while Colton spent his high school years in Ohio, where he competed on NBC’s The Sing Off. Later, once the two both relocated to Nashville, they began working together. Taking their early musical influences from pop stars, Ni/Co creates music with a fresh and unheard-of sound. Their effective music has gained them a large presence on YouTube with over 8 million views across all their videos. Their impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Ni/Co’s latest pop hit is the brave “what it (do do do).” The song also has an official lyric video.

“what it (do do do)” has a dynamic sound that’s pop-based, but draws inspirations from other genres as well. It’s bouncy and fun-filled to make us groove along. Ni/Co’s sound is all based on the toxicity they’ve experienced with someone. Their vocals are rich and filled with feist as they sing about no longer holding on to their anger. They’ve decided to protect their peace and instead channel their energy into this joyful track. According to this duo, it’s always better to take the high road; in the end, you’ll be the one that’s glowing. So, stream Ni/Co’s “what it (do do do)” to hear an empowering song that teaches you to let it go.