In The Dark

VINAI x Lucas Estrada x Moonshine

A pop single with a delightful, dark edge.

The Italian musical team, VINAI, is an EDM production and DJ duo composed of brothers Alessandro and Andrea Vinai. Recently, VINAI teamed up with Sweden-based artist and producer, Lucas Estrada. The aforementioned artists also collaborated with Sweden-based music team Moonshine, a producer and DJ duo made up of brothers Victor and Oliver Simic. Together, the group of musical creatives created the pop single “In The Dark” featuring Polarwulf. The song also has an official lyric video.

“In The Dark” is a feel-good hit that reminds us of the better parts of daily life before a small downfall. Lyrics like “It was love, in your eyes, Now it haunts me every night, Sun is down, staying high, Try to keep you off my mind” and “All the walls I build, only hold until the night falls” reflect on how the darkness of night can bring our vulnerabilities to the surface. However, these lyrics are double-woven with both good and bad thoughts, so we don’t have one side for too long. At the same time, the beat itself is electrifying enough to have us moving. This song has the perfect balance of light and darkness. So, press play, crank up the volume, and get yourself dancing “In The Dark.”

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