A pop gem that will tug at your heart.

German musical creative, SEMH, is a pop artist who “translates profound poems, moving stories, and fictional visions into music.” Compared to other musicians, SEMH takes on other forms of writing to help inspire and create her incredible pieces. As a result, she has an intense and emotionally bending discography that helps us all find our feelings in her songs. With her creations, SEMH’s work reflects “emotional moments, unforgettable memories, and deep feelings.” They’re also meant to stimulate emotions, as well as a nostalgic feeling of old music. Some of her previous work includes tracks like “Mr. W,” “Soul Stealer,” and “Best Of Me.” These, along with others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. SEMH’s latest drop is the pop single “PLEASE.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“PLEASE” provides the perfect uplifting and infectious soundscape for listeners while reflecting on romance. Lyrics like “I’ll hold you close, deep in my heart / I won’t let you go” and “I know it’s been a long, long time since we can see it in our eyes that everything will be alright” explores relatable feelings of love and longing. At the same time, while we may not expect the danceable song to be love-based, there’s so much passion that we can’t ignore it. This hit is all about helping each other through the tough parts of life by holding on to the person who can help you be better. However, as happy and forward as the couple is, there’s always a feeling of sadness, like something is going to go wrong again. So, press play on artist SEMH and embrace your inner romantic side, “PLEASE.”

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