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PEAK and Fateh Feel “COLD”

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PEAK Is Feeling "COLD"



A song that brings the right chill to your body.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, PEAK is an alternative hip-hop and R&B artist. As an up-and-comer, PEAK hopes to represent his city and community through his music. Based in Toronto, Fateh is a rapper and songwriter. As a long-time lover of hip-hop music, he entered the rap scene in 2009 by releasing three mixtapes. After being discovered by Dr Zeus, Fateh began to gain more traction as an artist. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Together, PEAK and Fateh have released their new single, “COLD.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

This is a soothing, yet daring track. A melancholy beat with emotionally-driven lyrics lets us know both artists have turned “COLD.” By keeping their hearts closed, they refuse and plan to never be played again. Lyrics like “Took you out my life magically, it changed the weather” and “I don’t get mad baby girl, I get even” champion the heartache they had to go through to achieve this growth. With sharp and ingenious lines, PEAK and Fateh perfectly define power. So, stream PEAK’s “COLD” to hear a track that motivates you instead of deterring you.

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