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I’m Not Human


Today would’ve been XXXTENTACION’s 25th birthday.

Posthumous albums are way too common these days. At the same time, I’m thankful for them because it allows us to hear some of our fallen artists for perhaps the last time. Today, XXXTENTACION’s estate decided to release a brand new single called “I’m Not Human,” perhaps the first single from the fallen rapper’s forthcoming project.

“I’m Not Human” is a very somber track. In it, X and Uzi sing softly about being individuals that are unable to connect with your everyday person. The song, which features this gentle, guitar-driven production, never really gets fully off the ground; instead, it remains in a subdued and acoustic vibe. It’s definitely an interesting release.

Lowkey, I f**k with XXXTENTACION’s bluesy tracks just as much as I f**k with his amped-up tracks.

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