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Maybach Music


Did Rick Ross approve this? LMFAO will tell you that Rick Ross be suing folks.

Historically, Logic hasn’t been afraid to show the world how much of a fan he is of some of his peers. Matter of fact, in one of his albums from the past, he unapologetically swagger-jacked Nas, J. Cole, and Drake. Today, Logic decided to release “Maybach Music,” a track in which he uses Rick Ross’ famous Maybach Music tag.

Logic made this track after buying a $325,000 Maybach (Sheesh). Thankfully, the raps that he hits us with aren’t on some bougie s**t; instead, they are on some hungry s**t. Over a beat with DJ scratches out the ass, Logic spits ferocious bars about his underdog story and ability to remain the same despite the fame. While the punchlines he dishes out are decent, I think it’s the organic hip-hop feel that the track gives off that will catch the attention of folks.

Logic is the Russell Wilson of rap (Interpret that comment however you want to).

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