Roman Toyi Has To Remember "LAF"


Roman Toyi

A hip-hop track that doesn’t sugarcoat.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Roman Toyi is an experienced hip-hop artist. Toyi relies on strong deliveries and astute lyricism to ensure that all of his songs are impactful. Additionally, all of his experiences, both good and bad, have been used as inspiration for his music. Toyi’s discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. His latest release is the single “LAF,” which also features artists Fonnyftw and Justy.

Over this uptempo, jazz-infused instrumental, Roman Toyi tells us that life isn’t fair and that we all play the cards we’re dealt. We aren’t given a leg up, and as soon as we get up, there’s something to knock us down again. Though the message is depressing, Toyi does hit us with a few comical lyrics that lighten the mood. When you’re realizing just how tough life is, this is that song to put you back on track. 

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