Love Game

3Mind Blight

An alternative track that explores the angsty side of romance.

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based musical creative, 3mind Blight, is also known as Mike Bouchér. Blight is a multi-award-winning musician, producer, and songwriter who worked as a music producer for 15 years. After completing his decade-and-a-half-long journey, the artist decided to pursue a solo career in 2018. That same year, Blight also started 3mind Blight Music Label and Publishing. His unique sound incorporates a wide range of styles, including rock, metal, rap, pop, and even acoustic folk. Blight’s impressive range of songs is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and his own website. One of 3mind Blight’s recent creations is the alternative single “Love Game,” which features the artist Nathalie Miranda.

If anyone can recall the grunge and heavy alt-rock styles of the 80s, this song may perfectly capture the best of those sounds. It’s almost a throwback, but it’s new enough to keep us on our toes. Lyrics like “There is no you, it’s just me and nobody else, no one else” and “You’re running away and I’m outta time, Picking up the pieces that you left behind, It’s true, And I blame you” emotionally explore the chaotic side of romance. With that message comes the intense guitar and hard drums we attribute to alt-rock. 3mind Blight and Nathalie Miranda offer up an unforgettable tale of love that, while intense, perfectly captures the inner chaos of the same. So, press play below to experience the intensity of this “Love Game.”


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