Rose Colored Glasses

Aku The Master

A hip-hop single that takes a look at one-sided love.

Texas-based musical creative, Aku The Master, is an up-and-coming artist. Aku initially got his start back in 2015 with the group To Death. While each member ultimately went their separate ways, Aku continued to pursue his passion for music. Since then, he has been hard at work perfecting his distinctive sound, which shows off his “organic homegrown style.” Some of his previous tracks include songs like “Jennifer’s Body,” “Baby Juice,” and “Shenron.” His discography, including both these songs and many more, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Aku The Master’s latest release is the hip-hop single “Rose Colored Glasses.”

Unfortunately, this song doesn’t have a music video to challenge our mental images of its lyrics. However, it’s still mellow and easy on the ears, giving us a little taste of hypnotism to touch upon romance. Lyrics like “Your love is like a drug / I touch the moon with it” and” Rose colored glasses, but baby you gave me true vision that you ain’t the one for me” hear the artist take an honest look at one-sided love. There is nothing waiting for him on the other end except heartbreak, but in that pain is a lesson. So, press play below to see the aches of an unhealthy romance with some “Rose Colored Glasses.”