Get It On Tonite

DJ Katch

An electronic single that spins a classic.

Musical creative, DJ Katch, is a multi-platinum producer and club DJ who is known worldwide (He’s performed in more than 40 countries). Katch has hit international dance floors everywhere, from New York to London, Dubai to Ibiza, and Tokyo to Miami. His certified platinum club anthem, “The Horns,” has received global recognition and hit #1 in several countries, these include Italy and the Philippines. As a result of his excellent work, Katch has reached more than 400 million streams on Spotify alone. His vast discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. One of DJ Katch’s most recent releases is the electronic single, “Get It On Tonite.”

This is one of those nostalgic hits that will throw you back to the 2000s. At the same time, it’s an incredibly fresh take on Montell Jordan’s original tune with the same name. Lyrics like “Girl, if it’s alright / Let’s go somewhere and get it on tonight” and “I’ve got a girl, but you look good tonight / You look so good” are cleverly remixed for maximum impact. All in all, Katch has created an upbeat EDM tune that will get you hyped up for a night out. So, press play below to get ready to “Get It On Tonite.”

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