Dende collides with romance in “Before We Crash.”





I don’t care if this is the intro, this song should’ve been longer. 

Dende sets the mood with this steamy, yet soulful intro that has him singing about falling in love with a bad girl. He practically serenades the “centerpiece of his dreams” with endless promises of reassurance and tender loving. Dende is slowly bringing back the love-making R&B we desperately need. 



5. Georgia (Ft. Deante’ Hitchcock)

Dende and Deante’ Hitchcock link up to craft this mid-tempo, laidback R&B classic.

In this song, Dende reminisces about his ex who he can’t seem to move on from. He’s conflicted about whether or not to get her back, so he convinces himself one more road trip to “Georgia” will reignite their love. 



4. Better Than Him 

I have a feeling that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach will like this track.

In “Better Than Him,” Dende yearns for his crush but she’s too in love with a guy who treats her badly. He goes deep with his pleas by telling her the life she deserves with him. This song relies heavily on slow, throwback R&B melodies and is the definition of “begging R&B.”



3. Round Trip To Atlanta 

If “I’m ’N Luv (Wit a Stripper)” became an R&B ballad

Dende once again finds himself simping for a stripper to the point where he books trips for her constantly. He slowly became obsessed with her after their one night together. While he wants her to be his girlfriend, she only sees him as her “big spender.”



2. Flowers

Ladies, if he could, he would; this song is proof.

In “Flowers,” Dende proves that there are still men who want that “old fashion” love. He sings passionately about the life she would have if they were together. The mid-tempo with heavy nostalgic R&B influences gives us the dream relationship we all want. 



1. Please U (Ft. Erykah Officer)

Let’s be honest, this is what we all want.

“Please U” is the perfect song for late-night lovemaking! The rhythmic, deep R&B beat ties perfectly with Dende and Erykah’s words about needing to please. The song explores a deeper level of sex, passion, and unconditional love. Dende and Erykah understand each other’s past of being neglected and know they deserve better. If that doesn’t convince you to enjoy this banger, then the little reference to Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” at the end will change your mind.


1. Sensually (4/5)

2. Flowers (4.5/5)

3. Georgia (Ft. Deante’ Hitchcock) (4/5)

4. Round Trip To Atlanta (5/5)

5. Please U (Ft. Erykah Officer) (5/5)

6. Better Than Him (4/5)




I predict that Before We Crash will be the start of a good year in R&B music. In the sea of wannabes and R&B snooze songs, Dende is a diamond in the rough waiting for people with actual taste to enjoy. This EP puts listeners on a chill road trip with its obvious influence of mid-slow tempo R&B. It channels the raw, yet nostalgic energy of R&B we desperately crave while keeping a modern sound so a newer generation can discover the sensual side of the genre.

The guest appearances on Before We Crash bodied their parts on the EP and perfectly blend with Dende’s style. I appreciate that he recognized that his music speaks for itself, so he didn’t add many people to the project.

Dende’s performance in each song is perfect. He proves that the newer generation can hold their own when it comes to traditional R&B. You can tell he’s grown as an artist with his velvety, soothing vocals that mesh well with his mature, soulful contemporary R&B melodies. His versatility with his lyrics and vocals is the best part of this EP. You’ll love how his emotional performances show the rawness of love. 

My only issue with Before We Crash is I would’ve loved to see Dende experiment with different R&B sounds. It would’ve been cool to see him have a fast-tempo or disco-funk-influenced song on the EP. I feel he would thrive with a different sound. 

With this album, Dende paves a new path for male R&B singers. He relies on penetrating lyrics and intimate, yet subtle charm to showcase the burning romance we all desire to have. Whether you’re old or young, you’ll appreciate the throwback vibes with a modern twist.

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