KidCaliMDMG Asks You To "Love Me"

Love Me

KidCaliMDMG (Ft. Rockie Fresh)

A hip-hop track that will turn any hater into a lover.

Hailing from San Diego, California, Charles Eric Lewis Jr., better known as KidCaliMDMG, is an artist that wants to bring real hip-hop music back. His path first began when he would freestyle over other artists’ beats. With the encouragement of others, he started making music at 14. Lewis has been actively releasing music since 2018, hoping to share stories that people can relate to. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Similarly, Chicago native, Rockie Fresh, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his engrossing style of hip-hop. Fresh first made his debut in 2009. His first release was the mixtape Rockie’s Modern Life. KidCaliMDMG and Rockie Fresh have come together for a new collaboration single titled “Love Me.”

The past meets the present in a refreshing way in “Love Me.” Starting off with a Motown sample, KidCaliMDMG masterfully transitions it into a present-day hip-hop beat. Over it, he and Rockie Fresh do more than conquer. Each verse is filled with its own one-punch knockout. Whether you love them or not, KidCaliMDMG and Fresh have a one-track mind, and that’s on money. Trying their best to avoid any of the fakes or distractions, they make sure to come out on top. “Love Me” has a sound that will have you focused on your destination; not necessarily the journey. By the time you finish the track, you’ll have the recipe and sauce that’ll have people loving you. So, stream KidCaliMDMG’s “Love Me” to hear a song that gives you the motivation to reach the top.

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