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My Weekend

Nemo Gruv

This track gives me “It Was A Good Day” vibe.

Nemo Gruv is an LA-based musician that has a very unique sound. To be more specific, don’t be surprised when you hear elements that you haven’t heard before when you press play on one of his songs. Recently, Nemo Gruv released “My Weekend,” a track that feels a little sluggish, a little festive, and a little savvy.

In “My Weekend,” Nemo Gruv talks about working his ass off during the week and having a blast during the weekend. Though the song boasts a bit of a numb vibe, Nemo does do a good job of going through the motions rapping-wise, fearlessly highlighting his excitement for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Though we all have different things going on in our lives, there’s something very relatable about this song.

Give “My Weekend” by Nemo Gruv a shot below.

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