Make ’em Jealous

Raegan Sealy

An empowering indie tune with a soulful sound.

British-born, Brooklyn-based musical creative, Raegan Sealy, is a singer and songwriter who takes the strangest genres of music and clashes them together. Her unique style fuses “soul, rock, and indie-pop with her distinctive velvety vocals and ballsy lyrics.” Sealy has backed up notable artists like Ice-T, Kae Tempest, Judah & The Lion, and Shane Koyczan. At the same time, she’s performed all over the world in a variety of venues. In addition to her music career, the singer is also an award-winning scholar and advocate.  Her discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and her own website. One of Raegan Sealy’s recent releases is the indie soul single “Make ’em Jealous” featuring The Gang of Angels.

This is the kind of song you would want to hear on the dance floor. “Make ’em Jealous” offers up the perfect soul-stirring soundscape to beautifully complement a high-energy breakup anthem. Lyrics like “Everyone wants a sip of my love / But they just get a taste” and “My love says he loves me / And that’s gotta be worth something, right?” humorously reflect on the inner ego that keeps us tangled up in unhealthy relationships. In exploring the cliché of being stuck with a toxic partner, Sealy sheds light on a tough topic. At the same time, she offers those who’ve struggled with similar situations a sense of empathy and empowerment. So, press play below to recharge your confidence with “Make ’em Jealous.”

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