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Ray Vaughn (Ft. Ab-Soul)

Is this the track that finally makes Ray Vaughn a household name?

If you’re like me, the reason you know Ray Vaughn is because of his LA Leakers freestyle from last year. While he is definitely trending upward, there isn’t that one song I’ve heard from him yet that has fully caught my attention. With that being said, this past weekend, Vaughn decided to release “Sandcastles,” a track that I think is his best thus far.

“Sandcastles” is powered by this bass booming beat that also has these dramatic elements that make it feel like some horror movie s**t. Over it, Ray Vaughn comes out swinging. Not only does he rely on a boisterous style of rapping, but he also brags about his cold heart, his obsession with bills not named Cosby, and his impressive come-up. As for Ab-Soul, he keeps up with Ray by dropping an energetic verse that has him bigging up his roster and hard-working women. Overall, this track will hype you the hell up from start to finish.

Give “Sandcastles” by Ray Vaughn a shot below.

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