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Vic Mensa (Ft. Thundercat & Maeto)

Vic Mensa is a double threat in this new single.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Vic Mensa is one extremely talented musician. Matter of fact, even though I’ve heard several excellent rap verses from him, I actually prefer it when he sings. Well, in “STRAWBERRY LOUIS VUITTON,” you get the best of both Vics.

“STRAWBERRY LOUIS VUITTON” is powered by a misty Thundercat beat that gives me 70s vibes. Over it, Vic Mensa uses smooth melodies, a few different languages, and a gritty rap delivery to give his woman the flowers he feels she deserves. Overall, the track is romantic, soothing, and nostalgic-sounding.

I got a doo-doo brown Louis Vuitton belt!

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