These five albums from this past week caught our attention.

 Popcaan – Great He Is

Popcaan’s affiliation with Drake will always get him streams. However, if you are a true fan of reggae music, you have to appreciate everything he does. Popcaan has returned to the music scene with a brand new album called Great He Is. In it, he hits us with vibrant and feel-good island music. The album is definitely a mood booster and one that flows well.

Our favorite tracks from Great He Is: “We Caa Done,” “Aboboyaa,” “Past Life,” “New Benz” & “Skeleton Cartier.”




Styles P – Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf

Styles P is still out here making moves, y’all! The 48-year-old rapper, who is currently a vegan, decided to release a brand new project called Penultimate: A Calm Wolf is Still A Wolf.

It’s really astonishing how much Styles P hasn’t changed. In this album, he sounds just as hungry and street-inspired as he did before. He also raps over the same tough-ass New York beats he used to rap over in the past. As someone who grew up on early 2000s street music, this project really caught my attention.

Our favorite tracks from Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf: “Pressure” “Intro,” “Death Before Dishonor,” & Porshe Lights




Reuben Vincent – Love Is War

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a fortune-teller. However, my prediction is that in a year or two, Reuben Vincent will be regarded as one of the hottest lyricists on this planet.

Love Is War is conscience rap at its finest. In the project, Reuben Vincent throws the kitchen sink at a bunch of hard-hitting, exceptional beats. I mean this with a great deal of respect: Reuben reminds me of a slightly grittier Kanye West.

Our favorite tracks from Penultimate: A Calm Wolf Is Still A Wolf: “Butterfly Doors” “Look What You Did,” “Trickin,” & Geechie Suede




BiC Fizzle – Clark Street Baby

BiC Fizzle’s strong southern style cannot be moved, altered, or destroyed. In Clark Street Baby, the Arkansas rapper plows through a bunch of exuberant, soulful, trap-heavy, and classic-sounding southern beats. What I love about his performances on the album is that they are high in passion. In other words, you definitely won’t get bored listening to this project.

Our favorite tracks from Clark Street Baby: “Check” “Just Got Started,” “Where You From,” & “Sno Cone”




SG Lewis – AudioLust & HigherLove

Everyone likes to dance, right? In SG Lewis’ AudioLust & HigherLove, he blesses us with dance tracks that are filled with crazy synths, nice tempos, and vocal performances that will make listeners feel alive. Though I wouldn’t say that the album features old-school-sounding music, I do think it has this vintage vibe that makes me want to binge-watch every single movie Patrick Swayze was in back in the 80s.

Our favorite tracks from AudioLust & HigherLove: “Something About Your Love,” “Vibe Like This,” “Lifetime,” & “Call On Me”




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