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Metro Retrograde

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa keeps the random, sly tracks coming.

It seems like Wiz Khalifa is living his best life right now. He’s dropping experimental projects, performing at all kinds of venues, and releasing dope-ass loosies. Today, Wiz returned to the music scene with a brand new loosie called “Metro Retrograde.”

I hate to beat a dead horse, but these are the kind of Wiz Khalifa tracks that I love. “Metro Retrograde” is a smooth hip-hop banger that has the Pittsburgh native floating over production that knocks just as hard as it soothes. While he spends most of his time rapping about what he’s smoking on, he also spends time rapping about his investments and being a boss when it matters the most. Though I don’t see this track ending up on a major project, I do still think that it’s one of Wiz’s best releases in a while.

If I were to be a celebrity, I would choose to live Wiz’s life (Minus all that damn smoking).

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