I Rule The World


An empowering pop gem with an electrifying sound.

Musical creative, YME, is also known as Ymkje de Bijl. Bijl is an independent artist from the Netherlands who knows both sides of the job but sticks to writing. She writes all her own music and Marco Roosink produces all her creations. YME’s songs reflect her personal experiences, including dealing with autism, which she was diagnosed with at a young age. Through her tunes, the artist hopes to offer her listeners a sense of strength. YME reminds everyone to, “BE BRAVE AND DON’T LET YOUR DISORDER HOLD YOU DOWN.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. YME’s latest drop is the pop single, “I Rule The World.”

“I Rule The World” is a lowkey dance song that is still vibrant enough to get us out of our seats. It’s also slow enough to allow us to process her every word. In truth, this is an empowerment piece meant to inspire us to stand on the tops of tables and take what we’re owed. Lyrics like “Gonna make my own rules, gonna make my own world” and “I’m my own boss, I’m the boss, I’m my own boss, I rule the world” provide an uplifting sense of authority courtesy of the artist’s gorgeous vocals. With its energetic 80’s influenced soundscape combined with passionate words of self-love, YME gifts us with an addictive pop gem that’s truly euphoric. So, press play below to soar to new heights with “I Rule The World.”