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Internet Trolls


GloRilla has had enough of people like us.

GloRilla is a Grammy-nominated artist. I want to repeat myself: GloRilla is a Grammy-nominated artist! Today, she decided to return to the music scene with a brand new single called “Internet Trolls.”

“Internet Trolls” is GloRilla’s version of Cardi B’s “Up.” Both songs feature menacing beats that beg artists to bring out their ferocious sides. In this particular track, GloRilla does just that. Throughout it, she calls out internet trolls and how they have had a major impact on the real ones in the streets. What I think listeners will enjoy about the track is how the Memphis rapper plows through it sounding like someone who would love to have Speed’s head on a stick.

Give “Internet Trolls” by GloRilla a shot below.

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