Jane Fonda

Qamp, AroMa & Casey Cope

“Jane Fonda” features kick-ass rap deliveries that I am sure the famous actress will love.

In a world where rappers are singing more than ever before, Qamp, AroMa, and Casey Cope are MCs that like to drop unadulterated bars whenever they hop on a mic. Recently, the trio decided to join forces for “Jane Fonda,” a track in which you get nothing but killer bars.

“Jane Fonda” is powered by a vintage-sounding, hard-hitting rap beat that will ignite the endorphins in anyone that calls themselves a true MC. Over it, Qamp, AroMa, and Casey Cope hit us with tongue-twisting flows and killer punchlines. They also hit us with competitive and braggadocios lyrics. The biggest reason I think people will like this song is that it has this action-packed sound that is hard to ignore.

Give “Jane Fonda” a shot below.

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