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Mystic Stranger

Cameron Dominique

Oh s**t, Cameron has two first names like I do!

Folks with two first names always end up being great, BTW. Anywho, Cameron Dominique reminds me of the rappers that I grew up listening to. His style is raw as hell and the beats he chooses to do his work over tend to sound soulful. Recently, Cameron released his second single to the world: “Mystic Stranger.”

“Mystic Stranger” is powered by this hard-hitting but soulful beat that will make both church folks and Just Blaze scream “Amen!” Over it, Cameron Dominique uses a blunt style of rapping to talk about the demons he’s battling, his two sides, and his competitive nature. You can tell that this is more than a song to him; it’s an opportunity to prove to the world that he’s a hungry bull that got both next and now.

Can you believe that Cameron is only 21 years old? Damn, his future is bright!

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